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A Momentary Setback for Europe’s Right-wingers. 

The Italian referendum would have removed checks on executive power, making it easier to enact economic reforms but also making it easier for an extremist government to take less savory actions. Mindful of a past that includes Benito Mussolini and Silvio Berlusconi, many Italian voters simply did not think it wise to concentrate power in the country’s executive.

Meanwhile, it’s premature to conclude that right-wing extremism has suffered a definitive defeat in Austria. Mr. Hofer received 46.7 percent of the vote against Mr. Van der Bellen’s 53.3 percent. Mr. Hofer says he will now turn his attention to Austria’s parliamentary elections in 2018, where his Freedom Party stands a good chance of winning more seats than its rivals. That prospect was not lost on France’s far-right National Front party leader Marine Le Pen, who tweeted, “The next legislative elections will show their victory!”

The battle for Europe’s future will soon shift to national elections next year in France, Germany and the Netherlands, where right-wing populist parties are hoping to make historic gains. It would be perilous for Europe’s centrists to assume that these movements will retreat anytime soon.

New York Times 


I’m a rabbi, and I’m applying for a German passport. Here’s why. 

Why on earth would I want a German passport? My feelings about Germany were pretty negative for the best part of 50 years. Most of my mother’s family, from Heilbronn in southern Germany, perished. Some of my father’s family perished too, including his beloved grandmother.

I have felt enormous admiration for Chancellor Angela Merkel, for her open arms to the refugees from Syria and elsewhere, which is in deep contrast to the meanness shown by our own government – with the enormous effort needed even to persuade it to take a few hundred children from Calais.
Britain took 10,000 Kindertransport children before the second world war, and many others, my mother included. Why could we not do the same now?

The Guardian 

Dutch MP Geert Wilders, just another scumbag, redneck wannabe. 

“If you ask me whether this case is a political process that may have far-reaching consequences, not only in the Netherlands but the whole world, I would say so.” Paul Cliteur

NZ Herald