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And what do you think happens next? Anybody read any history lately? 



Clinton Campaign Releases FINAL Campaign Ad. – YouTube. 

Clinton’s ad will hit at exactly the right time, also. Most Americans are well aware of Trump’s many disgusting comments about women and minorities, as well as his endless stream of scandals around his tax returns and ties to Russian government. What was most needed by the Clinton campaign was not a reminder of why they’re voting against Donald Trump, but why they should vote for Hillary Clinton.

US presidential election: Who will cause more damage to the world?

Come On America! VOTE! For All Of Us. 

Even the Bushes abandon Trump. 

In a truly shocking turn of events, former presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush both refused to endorse Trump. Instead, they have both made it clear that they will be voting for Clinton in the November of 2016 election. Now yet another member of the Bush family, who is considered by many to be the key political family in the Republican party, has shown her support for Clinton.

In a tweet by Barbara Bush Pierce, she shows her support for Clinton to her many followers. The image pictures Barbara standing next to Huma Abedin, with a caption reading “We’re with her!” Abedin is a Clinton aide who is considered particularly essential to the Clinton campaign.

Greenville Gazette 

She’s just as hypocritical as Trump himself.

The Germans have had some experience with the consequences of putting a narcissistic Xenophobe at the helm. 

FBI Agent Suspected in Hillary Email Leaks Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide. – Yeah Right! 

Investigators believe FBI agent, Michael Brown, 45, shot and killed his 33-year-old wife, Susan Brown, late Friday night before setting the couple’s home on fire and then turning the gun on himself. Brown was a 12 year veteran of the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department before spending the last six years in the FBI.

Denver Guardian 


I worry that this country of might and diversity is so angry, a cartoonish demagogue can ascend to power on the backs of forgotten people, while blatantly contradicting the values they claim dear. – Jack Tame

This is an awfully personal election.

I’ve covered the campaign for the last two years. I don’t know for sure what Wednesday’s results will bring. The structure of the Electoral College and current polling in various states make Clinton the favourite for the White House, but no shoo-in.

This, a land of immigrants. This, a land of liberty. One nation under God, and all that.

America is now, if not in the majority at least in sizeable part, a land where people cheer for Muslims to be banned and Hispanics to be hunted by a Deportation Force.

It is a land where a leader can gloat of sexually assaulting women, mock the disabled and boast of having not paid taxes.

He can discriminate against black people by banning them from living in his buildings and perpetuate a preposterous racist lie about a sitting president.

Tens of millions of people will vote for him.

NZ Herald 

Vote For Your Children and grandchildren! 

Nothing, despite all the hysteria after the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, has changed. –

At this juncture in human evolution we once again face a critical choice as a species. Do we objectively evaluate our real values, needs and wants in relation to our recent three decade long economic experiment, otherwise known as Neoliberal Economic (mis)Management and return to common sense and balanced government, citizen and business regulation that benefits everybody. –
How do we achieve this?
We use the most powerful weapon we have with which to enforce our wishes on government, a privilege hundreds of thousands of our forefathers sacrificed everything for.
The rich and the greedy vote, statistically over 80% of them.
The rest of us and the young are too quick to accept the myth that ‘my vote makes no difference’.
Well … consider this.
Consider everything that has turned large parts of the world from a bad place into an even worse place for the majority of their populations since a deranged gang of criminally suicidal narcissists flew passenger planes into the Twin Towers of Finance, the ‘World’ Trade Center.
Also consider that there are 218 million eligible voters in the US.
The 2000 us presidential election went to George WMD Bush because of 1784 voters in Florida. That’s 0.0008% of Americans with the Power on the day to avoid 16 years of the massively damaging US foreign policy, military action and arrogant skulduggery. –
Your VOTE is worth gold, every vote has the potential to swing an election.
If we want to foster a world in which our offspring can survive and thrive then we need to be governed by people that have their true values in our community and not in their wallets. – VOTE!

This election is about everybody’s future. 

On Tuesday America will decide the fate of our planet. Regardless of who you support in this race, at this point there is actually only ONE criteria to consider. Which one do we trust with the nuclear code? There is NO OTHER aspect of this drawn out charade of ‘democracy’ at it’s worst that ‘Trumps’ it.

The epic fail of the American electorate. – Petula Dvorak. 

Hey America, do you like this election?


But this is what you created.

You, America, stopped listening to facts you didn’t agree with, stopped reading newspapers or watching broadcasts that didn’t entertain you or confirm what you already believed, stopped trying to understand legislation and policy, stopped bothering to engage in civil discussion or master the basics of civic responsibilities.

You, America, blame Washington for everything that’s wrong with this country, but then told pollsters that the federal Government isn’t doing enough to help you.

You, America, actually believe that reality television is real. And that politics is a form of reality TV. And thanks to that, we have an election that’s more American Idol than American Constitution.

You realise we’re probably just one election cycle away from a Kardashian in office. Because, what the heck? Let’s try something new!

NZ Herald 

Donald Trump Is No Outsider; He Mirrors Our Political Culture. 

The worst thing about Donald Trump is that he’s the man in the mirror.

We love to horrify ourselves with his excesses, and to see him as a monstrous outlier, the polar opposite of everything a modern, civilised society represents. But he is nothing of the kind. He is the distillation of all that we have been induced to desire and admire. Trump is so repulsive not because he offends our civilisation’s most basic values, but because he embodies them.

Trump personifies the traits promoted by the media and corporate worlds he affects to revile; the worlds that created him. He is the fetishisation of wealth, power and image in a nation where extrinsic values are championed throughout public discourse. His conspicuous consumption, self-amplification and towering (if fragile) ego are in tune with the dominant narratives of our age.


Elizabeth Warren: ‘Nasty Women’ will defeat Donald Trump on election day. 

Massachusetts senator and Trump tormenter-in-chief turns insult into rallying cry in support of Hillary Clinton, as partnership hints at progressive agenda. 
“Women have had it with guys like you, and nasty women have really had it with guys like you,” Warren said. “Get this, Donald. Nasty women are tough, nasty women are smart, and nasty women vote, and on November 8, we nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get you out of our lives forever.” The Guardian 

It’s far from perfect I know, but the alternative is just not acceptable to anybody with a grain of common sense. 

Grateful For President Obama. 

Could we pause from the misery of the campaign for a tip of the hat to President Obama? His approval ratings are now higher than at any time since the honeymoon period of his first months.

And not surprisingly. Against the sheer thuggery of Donald Trump and the somewhat blemished history of the Clintons, Barack and Michelle Obama have been models of dignity and probity.

Not the faintest whiff of scandal—no rumors of infidelity, no financial conflicts of interest, serious people, exemplary parents, nothing cheap or tawdry about them. Huffington Post

“Trump is a Disgrace, so is Newt Gingrich.” – Robert Reich. 

​Three weeks ago I told Newt Gingrich to his face before an audience of 3,000 that he had laid the groundwork for Trump when as Speaker of the House in the 1990s Gingrich blocked all legislation that might have put the working class on an upward trajectory rather than its downward one. And when Gingrich’s anti-government, scorched-earth tactics set a precedent for winning at all costs. 

Gingrich set other precedents for Trump: During 1990s debates over welfare reform, Gingrich invoked racial stereotypes about African-Americans. During his unsuccessful bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, Gingrich repeatedly called President Obama the “food stamp president.” And Gingrich played to birther movement sentiments in 2010 when he said that Mr. Obama exhibited “Kenyan, anticolonial behavior.”
Gingrich is a major supporter of Trump, and now that Trump is imploding, Gingrich is positioning himself as the keeper of the Trump-campaign themes and, by extension, as the politician best able to mobilize Trump supporters going forward. “I don’t defend him [Trump] when he wanders off,” Gingrich recently told ABC News. But “there’s a big Trump and there’s a little Trump,” he said, explaining that the big Trump is the one who has created issues that make “the establishment” very uncomfortable. “The big Trump,” he said, “is a historic figure.”
Baloney. Trump is a disgrace. So is Newt.

Tom Hanks Gives Nervous America The Pre-Election Pep Talk It Needs. – YouTube. 

“America is feeling a little nervous these days, ” said the Hollywood legend. “And I’m a responsible father, so I thought maybe it’s time we had a little chat.” Huffington Post 


Bernie Sanders Makes a Powerful Case for Continuing the Revolution. 

Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders offered a compelling argument this week to those of his supporters still hesitant about a Hillary Clinton presidency. He explained that the success of the revolution relies not on who is president, but on the people continuing to fight for progressive ideals.
“It’s not my political revolution; it’s your political revolution,” Sanders began, calling his supporters’ efforts during the Democratic primary “perhaps the most consequential campaign in the modern history of America.” Alternet

The time is right for a female US president. 

The final presidential ‘debate’, thankfully the last set piece in a wretched campaign, revealed what is admirable and loathsome in American politics. Hillary Clinton displayed a razor-sharp intelligence and a quick wit. Her facility with facts trumped Donald Trump’s lack of them. Americans finally saw on Wednesday why Secretary Clinton had got rich from giving lectures after leaving office. Her fluency with words, which has earned her $22m in speaking fees, appeared to silence her opponent. Mr Trump, a boastful, thin-skinned billionaire who trades in racism and misogyny, was left squawking on the sidelines of the debate. His jibes revealed a man out of his depth. His answer was to plunge down deeper. By disgracefully refusing to rule out calling this a rigged election he gave up a fight he had by then lost. The Guardian 

Even in defeat, Trump will pose a clear and present danger to America. – Robert Reich. 

​Trump’s parting gift to America is to undermine our faith in democratic institutions. “It’s one big fix,’’ Trump said yesterday afternoon in Greensboro, N.C. “This whole election is being rigged.’’ He’s claiming Democrats are planning to load up buses of minorities to vote several times in different areas, that boxes of Clinton votes are already waiting somewhere, that Mexicans are primed to rush across the border to vote, and that the media isn’t reporting any of this because it’s been “bought.”

If he loses, Trump wants to cast a pall over the legitimacy of a Clinton presidency. Some of his followers are even openly talking about violent rebellion and assassination. 
The Republican Party — the chair of the Republican National Committee, Republican leaders in Congress, and Republican outlets like Fox News — must condemn these dangerous provocations. Even in defeat, Trump will pose a clear and present danger to America.

Robert De Niro on Trump. Video. 

“It makes me so angry that this fool, this bozo, has ended up where he has.”


How Trump Happened. Joseph Stiglitz.

Why would Americans be playing Russian roulette, for that is what even a one-in-six chance of a Trump victory means?

It is no surprise that Trump finds a large, receptive audience when he says the state of the economy is rotten. Real (inflation-adjusted) wages at the bottom of the income distribution are roughly where they were 60 years ago.

The US economy as a whole has done well for the last six decades: GDP has increased nearly six-fold. But the fruits of that growth have gone to a relatively few at the top – people like Trump, owing partly to massive tax cuts that he would extend. 

At the same time, reforms that political leaders promised would ensure prosperity for all – such as trade and financial liberalization – have not delivered. Project Syndicate

This is not just another disturbing footnote in this election season.

Michelle Obama


Trump threatens to jail Clinton as he fights dirty to keep campaign alive. 

The Dying Dog’s Last Stand. 

A cornered Donald Trump prowled the presidential debate stage on Sunday, threatening to jail an opponent he called “the devil” in a last-ditch bid to staunch his hemorrhaging campaign hopes.

Swaying malevolently behind Hillary Clinton as she parried attacks on everything from her husband’s sex life to Wall Street and her foreign policy judgment, the intense Republican dominated the night but made little effort to seduce new voters. The Guardian 

Time To Bury Donald Trump Once And For All.

Trump is only 5 points from becoming the biggest loser in presidential history. Let’s help him get there.

If Donald Trump does what he claims he does to women, he’s guilty of a crime punishable by time in prison. There’s no telling what Trump’s legal fate is over the next few years, but the first chance that the American public will have to cast judgment comes at the ballot box.

And that judgment holds the potential to be devastating: The American people are within striking distance of delivering the most brutal rejection of a major party candidate in U.S. history. Huffington Post 

Donald Trump’s so-called apology video was even more incompetent and incoherent than the rest of his campaign to date.

This is the point of no return for Donald Trump.  

Normal candidates might have realized they were bumping along the bottom of their election – if not, their life – when video emerged of them bragging, as a newlywed, about forcing themselves on women, genitals and all.

But not the man who promises to make America great again. No, Donald Trump’s so-called apology video was even more incompetent and incoherent than the rest of his campaign to date. The Guardian 

Trump’s Deplorables

Alas, the United States has too many relatively uneducated people. Among developed countries, the US ranks low in terms of literacy, general knowledge, and science. Japanese, South Koreans, Dutch, Canadians, and Russians score consistently higher.
Trump attracts mainly less-educated white men, many of whom in earlier generations would have been Democrat-voting coal miners or industrial workers. Does this mean that there is a link between education – or the lack of it – and the appeal of a dangerous demagogue?

Ian Buruma, Project Syndicate 

Want to know why Trump’s winning Ohio? Drink a beer with ‘the deplorables’. 

The GOP nominee’s strength can be explained, in part, by his extraordinary popularity with white men who did not go to college in places like this, where Democrats were once strong but who have moved sharply towards Republicans during the presidency of Barack Obama.

Polleys, 40, was smoking Marlboros and drinking US$1 Bud Lights with his brother, Dale Baxter, at a bar along the railroad tracks on the edge of town. Baxter, a machinist, said he met a handful of people in Dayton who support Clinton. But he agrees: Trump will win the election in a landslide. They do not foresee any other outcome. NZ Herald