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The surprising things you do when you’re happiest. 

In a new study published in the journal ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’ researchers find that, contrary to popular belief, we actually don’t spend all of our time going after activities that make us feel good. In fact, it’s at times when we’re feeling our best that we tend to gravitate toward doing the least pleasurable tasks on our lists, like laundry and chores. So maybe we forgo things that’ll make us feel happy immediately, like happy hour, for duller things that have the potential to make us feel satisfied in the long term, like housework. The findings could have big takeaways for our understanding of happiness and motivation.

“Our positive emotion, perhaps, can be seen as a resource. When we don’t have enough, we need to replenish it, but as soon as we have enough, we can potentially use that to get things done.” WeForum