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Protest flotillas banned in Auckland’s harbour for first US ship visit in 33 years.

The restrictions are intended to “ensure the safety of everyone on the water, including people who are not part of the event”.


These restrictions are for uncle Sam’s benefit.

Protest boats will be banned from parts of Auckland’s harbour during a historic visit by a United States warship.

The US Navy is sending the USS Sampson to Auckland for the Royal New Zealand Navy’s 75th birthday next month – the first visit by an American ship in 33 years.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges today declared the International Naval Review a Major Maritime Event.

That meant vessels not taking part in the review would have to stay clear of restricted areas in the Waitemata Harbour, Rangitoto Channel and parts of the inner Hauraki Gulf.

Bridges said the restrictions were intended to “ensure the safety of everyone on the water, including people who are not part of the event”. NZ Herald 

Symptoms of Irrational Exuberance. “Does your home earn more than you do?” – NZ Herald. 

The typical Auckland property now makes $8 a day more in capital gain than the average employee’s daily wage. NZ Herald 

A ‘dream home’ nightmare in the making.

“Sometimes we’ve had to wonder if it’s worth it to be that financially stretched, just to have a house. I mean we want it, so badly, but at what cost?”
 Their mortgage repayments are slightly over $600 a week, which was more than their $495 a week rental in Te Atatu, but they could afford it. NZ Herald

Stretched to the absolute financial limit at a time of record low mortgage interest rates. Real smart.

And buying at the ‘top of the market’. Even Smarter. 

National Fails to Grab Auckland. 

Ralston stood as an independent but swore allegiance to Auckland Future and Vic Crone, the latest de facto attempt by the National Party to wrestle control of the Super City.

Mike Lee said the election of Phil Goff as mayor was “like a reset of the Super City to begin anew”.

“Phil Goff has the intellect, energy and ability to provide real leadership to take Auckland onwards.”

Aucklanders basically had the same choice the Americans have on Nov 8. Putting a backward thinking Neoliberal in charge or sticking with the middle of the road option. Phil at least has the smarts to have learned from past mistakes. We will see. 

A long term trend would be a godsend. History and economic common sense predict otherwise. 

Nick Smith said today that the fall in the number of sales in Auckland in September could be an “early indicator” of a slowdown.
Real estate company Barfoot and Thompson also said today that the Auckland housing market was “subdued” in September and “a totally different market to 12 months ago”. NZ Herald