“We are looking to make this a real peach here.” 

Years after his casino went bust, Gary still skeptical of Trump. 
Donald Trump swooped into Gary, Indiana, on his private jet and pledged to make the down-on-its-luck city great again.

It was 1993, and the New York mogul was wooing officials in the mostly black city to support his bid to dock a showboat casino along a Lake Michigan shoreline littered with shuttered factories. Trump and his representatives later told state gaming officials he would leverage his “incomparable experience” to build a floating Shangri-La, with enough slot machines and blackjack tables to fill city coffers and local charities with tens of millions each year, while creating scores of well-paid jobs for minority residents.
Today, as the Republican presidential nominee pursues black voters with vows to fix inner-city troubles, many Gary residents say his pitch to solve the problems of crime and poverty is disturbingly familiar. Like others who have done business with Trump, they say their experience offers a cautionary tale. NZ Herald 

Rednecks Awakened. Racial issues involving Somalis heightened after Minneapolis mall attack. 

The day after a young Somali-American man stabbed 10 people at a central Minnesota mall, pickup trucks were spotted driving through predominantly Somali neighborhoods, honking and waving Confederate flags ” highlighting the precarious bond between the thousands of Somalis who live in St. Cloud and other city residents. NZ Herald


Too many nations have taken part in atrocities in Syria, Ban Ki-moon tells UN

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon launched a blistering attack on the Government of Syria this morning. His speech to the opening of the UN General Assembly followed a deadly attack on a UN aid convoy on Monday that killed more than 20 people.

“Many groups have killed many innocents but none more so than the Government of Syria, which continues to barrel-bomb neighbourhoods and systematically torture thousands of detainees. Just when we think we cannot get any worse, the bar of depravity sinks lower.
Yesterday’s sickening, savage and apparently deliberate attack on UN-Syrian Red Crescent aid convoy is the latest example.”
NZ Herald 

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