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James Reardon: Let’s talk about suicide

Why is New Zealand’s most serious, persistent health problem banished to the coroner’s files?

It prevents nothing, but promotes the myth that suicide is a mysterious, fatal disease that is never talked about, even after death. NZ Herald 

Video: Mike King on Suicide 

​Why do people take their own lives? How do they reach such a place where they decide they no longer want to live. Experts tell us there are so many reasons, that it’s too complicated to pinpoint why, that it’s too difficult to provide an answer for.  This type of diagnosis doesn’t help. All it does is create and fuel judgemental attitudes like: coward, attention seeker, weakling, soft-cock, pussy.  There are 3 reasons, and only 3 reasons why people take their own lives.  If all of us can learn to better understand these reasons, we might just be in a better position to look after those who may just need help. Please watch and share.


Misery in Paradise

Calls about suicide and self-harm to Lifeline have surged by 48 per cent at a time when the organisation is struggling to stay afloat. Lifeline Aotearoa says the latest jump follows a 37 per cent increase in these types of calls in the previous four months.
“That’s a huge rise,” said chief executive Jo Denvir. “New Zealanders are living complex, complicated lives and it doesn’t take much to break them. One minute people are coping, then all of a sudden they’re not.”

Suicide is the third most common cause of death in New Zealand after cancer and heart disease with 564 Kiwis taking their own lives last year. It’s the highest number of suicides on record and nearly double the road toll. Of those who died, 428 were male.

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