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The Type Of House You Should Never Buy. 

The massive, gaudy houses lining the streets of America’s upscale suburbs began to look like the epitome of bad taste and poor judgement once the foreclosure crisis hit. The writer behind the blog “McMansion Hell” tells why they’ll eventually be gone for good. Huffington Post 

Kim Kardashian and the price of Narcissism. 

How much do I hate Kim Kardashian? Let me count the ways. I hate her to the width of her preposterous posterior and the snow-globe swelling of her bumptious boobs. How many bees were sacrificed to sting those swollen lips or whales boned to sculpt those hour-glass hips?

For turning conspicuous consumption into an art form, for making Narcissus look only mildly self-obsessed, for saying female empowerment is photographing your own backside (LOL!), for fame without talent, and shopping without end, for being the mirror in which a billion young girls look and find themselves plain, for all these do I loathe thee, Kim. NZ Herald