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Why Holland Is Not the Netherlands – and Eight Other Dutch Dichotomies – Frank Jacobs. 

Diversity is not contingent on size. You can be a small country, and still be very heterogenous. Holland is a case in point. As these maps demonstrate, there are at least nine ways to slice the pint-sized polity into two distinct parts. In fact, as shown by one of them, the country is so diverse that the geographical term Holland doesn’t even apply to most of its territory. But let’s start at the beginning: carnival!

Rio de Janeiro, New Orleans, Cologne and the south of the Netherlands are all famous for their carnival – an annual celebration of exuberance and excess prior to the penance and self-denial of Lent. What binds those far-flung parts of the world together is their catholic heritage. The Netherlands south of the Big Rivers – Meuse and Rhine, which can be seen slicing the country in two latitudinally on the maps – is generally catholic, the north is mostly protestant. Although neither confession is as strictly observed as a few generations ago, the difference in attitudes is still observable in some vestigial cultural differences – such as the celebration of carnival.



As from 1 January 2017 100% of Dutch trains are powered by wind energy.  The Dutch railways company NS is the world’s first railway company that gets 100% of its energy from wind turbines.

Travelling by train has been the most environmentally friendly way of transportation for a long time already. In the Netherlands they have now taken it to the next level using wind turbines to power all of its trains.

The Dutch have a long history of using wind energy to advance. They used windmills to drain land covered by water since the 17th century. 

Energy company Eneco provides NS the energy to transport 600.000 people per day. That’s 1.200.000 train trips per day without any CO2 emissions.


Dutch Directness – Stuff Dutch People Like. 

Now you’ve heard the rumours, the stereotypes, the hearsay, and the clichés – and I’m here to tell you, that like the majority of gossip, they are, in fact…all absolutely true!

Dutch people are direct. Direct to the point of shocking at times. Direct to the point of “what the f@#$ did he just say to me?!?. If you plan to spend any times in the lowlands you had better get used to it, and fast!

Dutch people don’t mince words. You certainly won’t find them biting their tongues. 

In the Netherlands you are likely going to hear a lot of statements, that in other cultures politely fall into the category of “better left unsaid”.

Stuff Dutch People Like 

The Dutch Have Built an Elevated Roundabout Just for Bikes. 

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The Netherlands is frequently cited as a cycling heaven on Earth, and now there’s another reason to believe so. While most other European countries are still avidly discussing how to incorporate cyclists into their urban plans and their visions of subsidised commuting in the near future, Dutch people talk less and work more.


Dutch MP Geert Wilders, just another scumbag, redneck wannabe. 

“If you ask me whether this case is a political process that may have far-reaching consequences, not only in the Netherlands but the whole world, I would say so.” Paul Cliteur

NZ Herald 

The ‘Airbnb effect’: is it real, and what is it doing to a city like Amsterdam? 

FairBnB. Better for your neighborhood. 
“I think it’s obvious that Airbnb contributes to gentrification,” Veracruz says. “It drives up real estate prices that are already searing in Amsterdam. Neighbourhood business that create ties between residents are replaced by businesses that only focus on tourists. Bike rental companies replace local grocery shops. And apartments that are continuously rented out to tourists are lost to people who want to actually live here.” The Guardian