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Black men ‘have a legitimate reason to run from police’, US court rules

Black men running from police have a legitimate reason to do so, Massachusetts’ highest court has ruled.

Citing police data and a 2014 reporter by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) which found black men were disproportionately likely to be stopped by police in Boston the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has ruled. 
It threw out the 2011 gun conviction of Jimmy Warren after ruling they did not have a legitimate reason to stop him and the fact he ran away should not be used against him. The Independent 

My neighbors? They taught me how to shoot guns.


“Instead of mocking rural Americans for owning twice as many guns as their urban counterparts, ask why they’re really afraid.”
They made a day of it. Two men came over, along with three boys and one teenage girl, and set up swinging targets in the field behind my house. They brought probably 10 guns between them, ranging from a revolver to a semi-automatic. We fitted ourselves with earmuffs, and one of the men, who’d built a number of the guns himself and kept a home arsenal of at least 60 firearms, carefully showed me and the boys the safety features of each gun: touch here, never here. Treat every gun as if it’s loaded. Arms strong and straight. Wide stance. Fire. The Guardian