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Moronic British Thuggery and Racism sees Jews flee back to Germany as Brexit fears grow. 

According to recent data, the number of British Jews applying for German citizenship has gone up exponentially this year.
What’s striking about this phenomenon is that it involves Britons whose ancestors desperately fled Nazi rule in Germany and Austria in the 1930s.
They grew up with the memory of their parents’ or grandparents’ traumatic uprooting, the loss of loved ones in the Holocaust and the bitter struggle for acceptance in a British society that reluctantly opened its doors to Jewish refugees before the start of World War II.

Their ancestors were stripped of their German citizenship by the Third Reich; in the years after the defeat of the Nazis, the German government made it possible for the descendants of these refugees to have their citizenship reinstated.
The aftermath of the Brexit referendum has seen a spike in hate crimes and bigotry in Britain, particularly aimed at the country’s diverse mix of immigrant communities.
“It’s blame the foreigners.”
No Herald


“the English are strange” Europe’s Google searches. 

“Why are the British so ugly?” the Netherlands demands to know and “why do the English put milk in their tea?” inquires Hungary. Portuguese searchers home in on England and ask why English people are “crybabies”. NZ Herald