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Epidemic of drug addicted parents sweeps the United States. 

Passed out on the supermarket floor, her daughter pulls at her limp body, crying out for help.

It’s a confronting scene; toys are spilt across the floor and the mother is well and truly out cold – despite her daughter’s desperate attempts to rouse her.

This is just one of the faces of the parental opioid epidemic – one that is sweeping the United States with aggressive speed.

Police say the woman, who was charged with child endangerment, overdosed on an oral version of the drug heroin, or an opiate-based narcotic that’s becoming increasingly ingested by addicts and their children.  NZ Herald 

The Marijuana Boom Is Contributing to the Climate Crisis. 

A new report finds that marijuana cultivation accounts for as much as 1 percent of energy use in states such as Colorado and Washington. The electricity needed to illuminate, dehumidify, and air-condition large growing operations may soon rival the expenditures from big data centers, which themselves emit an estimated 100 million metric tons of carbon into the atmosphere every year. TakePart 

We ought to grow it outdoors in places suitable for it. Seems logical. There are plenty of suitable places around the world to grow pot on a large scale commercially.