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NZ Government introduces legislation to tackle the damage done by dangerous, feral mongrels – and the dogs they own.

Kerre McIvor,  NZ Herald. 

There are stories of people who have pit bulls who wouldn’t hurt a fly and who have children who crawl all over the big fella and they can trust him with their lives. Until one day the big fella has a bad day and tears the face off a child.

Owners of dogs deemed high-risk have to have their pet neutered; they will be required to put signs up on their property warning that there is a canine bomb ready to go off in the back yard; their dogs will have to be kept in a fenced area allowing visitors at least one safe entrance to the house and all menacing dogs will have to wear collars identifying them as high-risk and to be approached with caution, if at all. It’s a start.

But really, public safety will only improve if there is compliance on the part of dog owners and enforcement on the part of the councils. 

It’s obvious there are plenty of people who don’t give a stuff about their fellow humans. But hopefully they care enough about their dogs to keep them safe from the new regulations.

Every unregistered mutt should be shot on sight is my opinion.