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Bernie Sanders Makes a Powerful Case for Continuing the Revolution. 

Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders offered a compelling argument this week to those of his supporters still hesitant about a Hillary Clinton presidency. He explained that the success of the revolution relies not on who is president, but on the people continuing to fight for progressive ideals.
“It’s not my political revolution; it’s your political revolution,” Sanders began, calling his supporters’ efforts during the Democratic primary “perhaps the most consequential campaign in the modern history of America.” Alternet


Meet The New Face Of Bernie Sanders’ Revolution. Zephyr Teachout

When Sen. Bernie Sanders bid farewell to his presidential aspirations at the Democratic National Convention in the summer, he instructed his lefty legions to press on. He would not be occupying the White House, but the change his supporters believed in could still be achieved through persistent pressure on the Democratic Party.

Sanders was rejecting the idea that his campaign’s popularity had been due to the unique charismatic power of a 74-year-old Vermonter to entrance the millennial hordes. Instead, Sanders had given voice to a grassroots movement both unsatisfied with the political status quo and resistant to the thuggish white nationalism of Trump. Huffington Post