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NZ Government’s Housing Policy “Lazy, Naive and Negligent”. 

Editorial: Surprisingly damning house verdict from business leaders.

What’s surprising is the surprise. Business people obviously have a more balanced opinion obout the property bubble than the average brainwashed Kiwi victim of the coming debacle. 
The Government’s insistence that the problem was purely one of supply is “disingenuous” and its constant blaming of the Auckland Council “pure politics”. We advocate restricting non-resident investors and imposing a stamp duty on domestic investors to discourage speculation and to raise revenue for infrastructure. NZ Herald 

Criminal Selfishness could delay Auckland’s future. 

Phil Twyford calls for action on Auckland’s Unitary Plan. 
National should urgently legislate to make the Unitary Plan operative while a court challenge make its way through the legal process. NZ Herald 

​The boys and girls at The Spinoff are not cynical hipsters, they’re true believers. – Chris Trotter

Members of a generation which, knowing
nothing else, have absorbed the ideological assumptions of neoliberalism
without conspicuous protest. Now they want their reward. They’re hungry for
economic and political power and bitterly resentful that it has not yet been
given to them in anything like the quantities they deserve. 
Bowalley Road