Why Empaths Act Strange Around Inauthentic People

Empathetic people are those with a heightened level of sensitivity and have a radar like no one else.They can absorb others’ feelings like a sponge as if they were their own. This is not something they choose, they are born with it.

However, although this may seem like a wonderful trait to have, it is also strenuous. Envision being able to put yourself in people’s shoes all the time. All.The.Time!

When empaths are around people who are fake, or inauthentic, they can feel it. Although the person may seem quite flattering on the outside, they are hiding something on the inside and empaths can feel it.

It is not that empaths are special people, or smarter than everyone else. However, they do have the outstanding ability to read body language better than anyone else does and this makes them understand the world and people around them a lot better.

Curious Magazine


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