Sea Shepherd photographs Japanese whalers in Australian Whale Sanctuary with dead whale – NZ Herald. 

Sea Shepherd claims to have found a Japanese ship in the Australian Whale Sanctuary with a dead minke whale on its flensing deck.

The Nisshin Maru whaler factory ship was spotted by the helicopter of Sea Shepherd’s MY Steve Irwin as the crew allegedly scrambled to hide the slaughtered whale with a tarp, while the fleet’s harpoons were also quickly covered.

“The whale killers from the Nisshin Maru were caught red-handed slaughtering whales in the Australian Whale Sanctuary,” Ocean Warrior Captain Adam Meyerson said on Sunday.

“The Steve Irwin has shut down their illegal operations and caught them trying to hide the evidence.”

It is the first documented kill since the International Court of Justice ruled against Japan’s whaling operations in the Antarctic in 2014.

NZ Herald

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