Kiwi entrepreneurs call for legalisation of cannabis, following worldwide success – Craig Hoyle. 

Kiwi entrepreneurs are riding high on a worldwide cannabis boom, despite the drug still being illegal in New Zealand.

They are now using their success overseas to call for legalisation here, drawing attention to the economic and health opportunities it would present.

Among their number is Dan Crothers, a founding member of the world’s largest cannabis website. drew around 90 million page views in the past year and is approaching eight million fans on Facebook.

Fellow Kiwi Melissa Reid joined as Managing Editor last year, and said the name-change was part of an effort to mainstream the site’s appeal.

“We’re pushing away the stigma around marijuana and the stoner culture,” she said. “It’s about realigning public perceptions of the standard cannabis user.”

Reid said it was particularly frustrating watching the American cannabis boom, knowing that similar opportunities were being missed in New Zealand.

“It’s opened up all sorts of things, from weed delivery services, like Uber for weed, to cannabis-related massage clinics and design agencies,” she said.

“There are endless business opportunities.”


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