Increasing numbers of Kiwis are living big in a tiny house – Russell Blackstock. 

Bryce Langston, an actor and musician, has spent about $70,000 designing and building his own miniature house on wheels. He hopes the project will offer him an alternative lifestyle in his own home after being priced out of Auckland’s booming property market.

“The house might be small but it has steel framing, weatherboards and a corrugated roof like any other regular home,” he says. “Because my income is irregular I wanted out of the expensive rent or mortgage trap and this seems like the perfect solution.”

Langston became hooked on the idea of extreme downsizing when he saw his first tiny house on wheels online.

“I felt a huge swell of excitement,” he says. “Here was a unique opportunity to construct a home that was within my means, that could be beautiful, sustainable and best of all one which I could own without the need to purchase land.” 

The micro-home phenomenon is taking off around the world. As cities grapple with growing populations, scarcity of land and rising house prices, many believe tiny homes are the solution.

“I’ve been blown away by some of the places I have seen around the country including a house truck that folds out into a fantasy castle,” he says. “The Kiwis are not just embracing the tiny house movement, we are taking it up to the next level.”

NZ Herald 

Bryce’s Site: Living Big In A Tiny House

YouTube: Living Big In A Tiny House

First commercial camper builders, 1927.


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