How our Tax Reform will result in more houses being built – Gareth Morgan, TOP. 

While the Establishment Parties are falling over themselves to build more houses, their policies leave the real problems unsolved. These problems include land banking, and viewing housing as an investment rather than as a means for providing shelter. Our tax policy would address both of these, and see developers scrambling to build rather than bid up the value of existing stock.

The line the Establishment Parties are pushing is that we just need to build more houses to solve the problem. National is pointing the finger at Councils for providing paperwork bottlenecks, when even their own attempt to step in and create Special Housing Areas has achieved little. Meanwhile the HomeStart scheme simply fans the flames of an overheated housing market.

Meanwhile the Labour Party is promising to put on their collective carpenter belts and build houses.

The real problems here? Land banking and demand for housing as an investment that outstrips the need for shelter.

Our tax reform policy will deal with both of these issues.

We simply cannot keep getting richer buying houses off each other indefinitely and this has to stop. Our Tax Reform Policy will halt the rise of house prices, which will cut off the demand for buying housing as a speculative investment.

The Opportunities Party

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