NZ Labour and Andrew Little need to get a grip – Heather du Plessis-Allan

On the day John Key resigned, Andrew Little’s face flashed with something most of us hadn’t seen on him in years, if ever. Hope.

He smiled at the journalists and their cameras. Privately – I’m told – he behaved in a manner that can only be described as excitement.

It’s pretty clear he reckons next year’s election is now in the bag. Andrew Little needs to get a grip.

As tired as we are of listening to and looking at Nick Smith, Gerry Brownlee and Steven Joyce, they’re still a preferable option to the ideas vacuum on the other side.

Even a year out, Labour has a helluva long way to go to beat National.

NZ Herald

The New Zealand Labour Party desperately needs three things to have a fighting chance in next year’s general election.

1. Immediately find a new leader with some charisma to be able to reconnect with people. Heather is absolutely right that Andrew is Labour’s biggest liability right now. 

2. An election turnout in the upper 70%.

3. An (and this is inevitable, only the timing is unknown) economic shock and downturn in NZ. People’s party loyalties historically become strained significantly when things get tougher.

Even then I think it’s a big ask. The rot in the Labour Party has become so bad they can hardly be called an ‘opposition’ anymore.

Personally I think the only hope for socially conscious Kiwis is to wind up the Party altogether and hope enough of us turn to the Greens and Maori Party. 

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