Finding a job for genial John Key – Paul Little. 

To the Directors.

Thank you for inviting me to provide a reference for John Key, whom I understand is being considered for a position with your independent republic/gift shop/rapacious multinational behemoth.

As one of John’s 4 million employers for the past eight years, I feel I am ideally placed to give a fair assessment of both his strengths and those areas in which he may benefit from guidance and learnings.

I understand the position for which John has applied is a sensitive role requiring a great deal of tact, and that it depends to a large extent on earning and maintaining the respect of those with whom the successful applicant will interface. Well let me put your minds at rest on this point – John will soon put an end to that.

If there is one quality above all others that John brings to the job it would have to be empathy and an ability to put into words what others are feeling. When he told us that his incumbency had put a strain on his family, thousands of other families around the country, hearing the news in the motels and garages where they live, understood exactly what he meant.

NZ Herald

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