Independent Journalism in the FaceBook age. 

Today more than ever, independent journalism plays a fundamental role in creating and maintaining healthy, democratic societies. So much information is now available, and so much of it is—intentionally or not—untruthful, that journalism has to strengthen its role as the professional verifier, explainer, and contextualizer. With deception ubiquitous in the digital era, journalism must be free to bark at power when it is abusive or corrupt, and to uncover activities that have been hidden or distorted by governments or corporations.

For journalism to be influential in the digital era, its information gathering, production, and distribution processes must be transparent. Openness earns trust and engagement, and allows journalists to moderate conversations—inside or outside a given medium—feeding those conversations with quality news and stories delivered in an appealing way on multiple platforms, anytime, anywhere. When journalism plays this new role in society, its impact can be phenomenal. Where diverse, independent media can engage the public and thrive, the quality of public debate is better, and the more open a society is likely to become.

Open Society Foundations

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