Students In New Zealand. ‘It’s not about education’

“We need to blow the whole thing apart and start being honest about what’s happening. Because it’s not about education at all. I’d like to see New Zealand recognise that it’s a scam, because that’s at the heart of this. What’s really behind it is they’re coming for visas, not quality education.

The teacher, who has worked at several private training establishments (PTEs), says far too many institutions routinely accept students despite their hopelessly poor English and give them answers to ensure they pass.

Several other staff members who have spoken to the Herald say the same.

Critics point to results at the disgraced New Zealand International Academy, which shut down in August after two staff went public with claims they were told to prepare fake results for more than 250 English language tests. When the students were forced to sit independently monitored retests, only 14 per cent passed and 70 fell well short of the standard required to take their courses.

The Government has allowed “visa factories” like this to flourish, turning New Zealand into a supermarket for low-grade diplomas which do nothing to solve the country’s real skills shortages.

There’s nothing wrong in principle with offering students an education and employment package to come here. However you would expect the course to be real, the pass rates to be genuine, the students to be real and who they say they are, and the courses offered to be broadly in line with the needs of the economy.”

NZ Herald 

I have lodged foreign students in my home for a long time. I can tell you from experience that a lot of them, and from certain countries the majority, aren’t in the least interested in learning anything. All they want is to stay and work, often for a pittance, and be able to send home a bit of paper saying they have studied in New Zealand. The worthless so called achievement is only valued for it’s ‘face’ value for the family back home. 

The ‘agents’ who are supposed to ‘supervise’ these students are most times barely any older, or wiser for that matter, than the students themselves. And they really don’t give a toss whether they learn anything or assimilate into NZ culture at all. They’re generally not interested at all.

Most of these so called ‘courses’ are a total scam. The Chinese and Indians especially are only here to add to their corrupt under the radar economies. 

We had an Indian student arrive one time who spent a whole non communicative week ‘camped’ in his room, until I kicked him out of the house.

Most of these ‘schools’ are just money machines for their owners. Nobody gives a damn about ‘learning’,  it’s a total fraud. 

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