How 77 kids have died in NZ state care in 15 years. An average of five a year.

38 children died of natural causes while in state care, 19 died in accidents, 14 committed suicide and six were victims of child abuse, homicide or manslaughter.

The deaths are just the tip of a larger iceberg of children abused while in state care. The data disclosed 550 cases of substantiated abuse of children while in CYF care in the five years to June last year, an average of 110 cases a year.

The abuse was committed by CYF-appointed foster parents in about a third of the cases (187).

Other perpetrators were biological parents and other family members while their children were home on contact visits (164), staff of contracted support services (44), CYF staff (6) and “others” (149), who included the children’s friends and relatives and other children in their foster homes.

NZ Herald 

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