Humanity has less than 1000 years left until extinction. – Professor Stephen Hawking. 

Humans have less than 1000 years on Earth before we are wiped out in a mass extinction.

This grim outlook was delivered by Professor Stephen Hawking during a speech addressing the universe and the origins of humans at Oxford Union. The leading theoretical physicist said the only way for humankind to avoid the very real possibility of extinction was to find another planet to inhabit.

“We must also continue to go into space for the future of humanity. I don’t think we will survive another 1000 without escaping beyond our fragile planet.”

This bleak outlook on the humanity is nothing new for the 74-year-old, who earlier this year predicted technology would lead Earth to a virtually inevitable global cataclysm. 

NZ Herald 

Do we have just 1000 years left on Earth? 

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