A win for Trump was a win for bigotry. Here’s how we resist him. – Owen Jones

Donald Trump lost the popular vote: the second Republican candidate to do so yet still take the presidency in 16 years. He will be the most unpopular presidential candidate to take office since records began. He has a track record of opposing democratic norms, inciting violence against protesters and threatening to imprison his main opponent.

His intolerance of political and media dissent is well documented; he now has the means to do something about it. His ghostwriter has called him a sociopath whose presidency risks “the end of civilisation”. He is appointing extremists to the White House: in a call for vigilance to the American people, Republican strategist John Weaver declared that “the racist, fascist extreme right is represented footsteps from the Oval Office”.

His campaign exploited and incited hatred against Muslims, Mexican immigrants and women. Racists chose to celebrate his victory by launching hate crimes against American minorities.

As John Oliver puts it Trump being president “is not normal”, and his rule should never be normalised. His opponents should refuse to accept the legitimacy of this president and – like Republicans have done before – refuse to co-operate and begin a nonviolent war of political attrition.

The Guardian 

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