Bringing in a new Great Depression. Trump policies will reverberate. 

To imagine what the Trump presidency means for those outside America, think Brexit, times ten. With full control of Congress, the new President will have very few constitutional checks and balances holding him back.

Republicans in their now stacked Congress who did not support their President risk being purged from power if they stand in the way of his near absolute power or agenda, which may, or may not, be as radical as many fear. Doing away with Obamacare, building a wall on the border with Mexico and possibly locking up Hillary Clinton will fascinate but not wobble New Zealand.

Conversely, his wider economic, environmental and security policies may cause seismic waves through our country.

Trump’s clear rejection of free trade will shock the world. He is likely to target existing trade agreements such as Nafta and will ensure the TPP will be stillborn. He has also threatened to withdraw from the WTO. This will worry a lot of countries, especially Mexico and China, who are highly dependent on their trade with the United States.

For New Zealand, although our bilateral trade relationship is likely to suffer, the bigger risk is with all the global economic chaos that will spill over if trade wars break out, especially outside of the rules of the WTO.

NZ Herald 


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