I worry that this country of might and diversity is so angry, a cartoonish demagogue can ascend to power on the backs of forgotten people, while blatantly contradicting the values they claim dear. – Jack Tame

This is an awfully personal election.

I’ve covered the campaign for the last two years. I don’t know for sure what Wednesday’s results will bring. The structure of the Electoral College and current polling in various states make Clinton the favourite for the White House, but no shoo-in.

This, a land of immigrants. This, a land of liberty. One nation under God, and all that.

America is now, if not in the majority at least in sizeable part, a land where people cheer for Muslims to be banned and Hispanics to be hunted by a Deportation Force.

It is a land where a leader can gloat of sexually assaulting women, mock the disabled and boast of having not paid taxes.

He can discriminate against black people by banning them from living in his buildings and perpetuate a preposterous racist lie about a sitting president.

Tens of millions of people will vote for him.

NZ Herald 

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