Vote For Your Children and grandchildren! 

Nothing, despite all the hysteria after the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, has changed. –

At this juncture in human evolution we once again face a critical choice as a species. Do we objectively evaluate our real values, needs and wants in relation to our recent three decade long economic experiment, otherwise known as Neoliberal Economic (mis)Management and return to common sense and balanced government, citizen and business regulation that benefits everybody. –
How do we achieve this?
We use the most powerful weapon we have with which to enforce our wishes on government, a privilege hundreds of thousands of our forefathers sacrificed everything for.
The rich and the greedy vote, statistically over 80% of them.
The rest of us and the young are too quick to accept the myth that ‘my vote makes no difference’.
Well … consider this.
Consider everything that has turned large parts of the world from a bad place into an even worse place for the majority of their populations since a deranged gang of criminally suicidal narcissists flew passenger planes into the Twin Towers of Finance, the ‘World’ Trade Center.
Also consider that there are 218 million eligible voters in the US.
The 2000 us presidential election went to George WMD Bush because of 1784 voters in Florida. That’s 0.0008% of Americans with the Power on the day to avoid 16 years of the massively damaging US foreign policy, military action and arrogant skulduggery. –
Your VOTE is worth gold, every vote has the potential to swing an election.
If we want to foster a world in which our offspring can survive and thrive then we need to be governed by people that have their true values in our community and not in their wallets. – VOTE!


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