Paul Krugman Reveals Who Really Broke Our Democracy and Why. 

You may remember the baldfaced lies that led us into the Iraq war, for which no one has ever been held accountable. 

“As far as anyone can tell, Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House — and the leader of what’s left of the Republican establishment — isn’t racist or authoritarian. He is, however, doing all he can to make a racist authoritarian the most powerful man in the world. Why? Because then he could privatize Medicare and slash taxes on the wealthy.

While Trump has certainly accelerated that process with his daily shattering of every political (and human) norm—a steady stream of lies, not releasing his taxes, bragging about sexual assault—it was all well underway before him. 

Nothing was too implausible to get on talk radio and get favorable mention in Congress and in conservative media: Hillary killed Vince Foster! Bill was a drug smuggler!

Nothing was too trivial to trigger congressional hearings. 


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