​Blind leading the blind.- Bryan Bruce. 

Three weeks ago Bill English was crowing about the government’s books being in surplus. Today I read of 30 people going blind in Southland while waiting for eye operations . 
English was born in Lumsden in Southland. He represented Clutha- Southland for many years before he became a list MP.You’d think he might be interested in this problem.
Yet the talk is of tax cuts rather than increasing the health budgets of DHB’s who have patients  going blind waiting for surgery.
In the end all economic decisions are moral decisions. How you spend your money and what you spend it on reveals a lot about your core beliefs and moral values. 
Neoliberal economic theory, introduced by Labour and put on steroids by National, is morally bankrupt. It has blinded many of our  politicians to the fact that allowing a few people to get very rich at the expense of the many  is taking us back to the Nineteenth century and the days  when if you could afford a doctor you got treated. If not,you suffered.

We have got this every wrong folks. We need to decide what kind of society we want and then figure out how to pay for it. Not live in the  society some self-centred economic theory wants us to have.
As Nobel Prize Winning economist Prof Muhammad Yunus  astutely observed during an  interview with me for MIND THE GAP …
“We follow the theory.Theory should be following us!”

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