Stopping the TPPA – it ain’t over! – Greens. 

This week, the National Government took another step towards adopting the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). But it is far from a done deal.

The TPPA might be stopped in the US – both Presidential candidates oppose it. But whatever happens with other countries, the TPPA won’t be implemented by the time of the New Zealand election next year. At last, after years of secrecy and government distain for democracy, the TPPA will be put to the democratic test. We will have an opportunity to reject the TPPA at the next election.

It’s another powerful reason to change the government.

We reiterated our rejection of the TPPA and made it clear that we would seek to withdraw New Zealand’s ratification if we were in a position to do so. Instead of the TPPA, we need international treaties that are negotiated transparently, respect democracy, and are founded on fairness, sustainability, and human rights.

Green Party


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