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The Governor General is the appointed guardian of our democracy. He swore an oath to serve the People, “so help me God!” We’re entitled to hold him to that oath. This petition will also apply to Dame Patsy Reddy when she takes over from Sir Jerry Mateparae later this year.

TPP would undermine our democracy. It is in effect a “corporate-rights” treaty which would give power to foreign investors to govern us through secretive offshore tribunals.

The Government’s denial of any opportunity for us to vote on this creates a constitutional crisis. No Government is entitled to trade away our democracy without our informed consent. It’s the Governor General’s duty to ensure the Government is stopped.

No one can force the Governor General (or the Queen) to sign the legislation to ratify TPP. He must refuse to sign it because there is no informed consent from the People to this loss of our democracy. Without his signature, it doesn’t become law, and the Government cannot ratify TPP.

Action Station

Watch Amanda Vickers “TPPA – Let the PEOPLE decide!!” YouTube 

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