The Free-Trade Miracle. 

“Global free trade provides the greatest opportunity to improve human welfare over the next decade and a half. It has already helped lift more than a billion people out of poverty over the past quarter-century. Lowering trade barriers even more could double average incomes in the poorest parts of the world over the next 15 years.

Yes, there are costs to free trade that must be better addressed; but the costs are vastly outweighed by the benefits. Yet, in rich countries today, the mood has turned against free trade. That is a tragedy.” –  Bjorn Lomborg

Here’s another example of how even very smart people confuse ‘anti-trade agreement’ sentiment with ‘anti-trade’ sentiment.

There’s certainly no argument about the benefits of free trade for people’s standard of living. Even our caveman ancestors understood that basic truth. 

Anti TPP, TTIP and CETA protests are precisely ‘PRO FREE TRADE’ protests. Those ‘trade’ agreements are nothing but about locking up large portions of the market for massive corporate profitability at the expense of our right to ‘genuine’ free trade. Meaning ‘anybody can trade with anybody’ without restriction. True free trade means no tarriffs or trade barriers. These so called trade agreements are putting up barriers inhibiting trade with huge parts of the international market. It is simply not profitable to do so when the economic consequences of trade-restrictions imposed by powerful corporations under these agreements exists. 

Project Syndicate 

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